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The 5 P’s of Digital Marketing – Scott Digital Marketing process

Because modern day digital marketing is so confusing, we developed our very own proprietary method of marketing.

It’s called the 5 P’s.

In order for your business to grow and scale on the web, you first need to have an understanding of who your ideal buyers are. You need to know where they go to consumer information, what’s important to them, and ultimately what motivates them to pull the trigger and buy from you.

Our proven process makes it easy for your company to connect with potential buyers through strategically created content that‘s easy to find and digest.


The goal is leads and traffic. We get this result through crafting your overall strategy, starting with your ideal buyer, aka your persona. From here, we outline what content topics to begin addressing through blogging, case studies, e-books, and influencer campaigns. After we identify what topics to write about, the plan will include a schedule along with a calendar of publishing dates, promotional methods and metrics to measure ROI. Along with you, we’ll identify who manages what tasks, and progress from there. This is the first step of the 5 P’s.


The goal is to identify your ideal buyer, also known as a persona. We do this through interviews of you and your team, along with interviewing some of your best clients. We want to know where they go and how they research before they ultimately buy from you. See persona guide for more detail.


The goal is to publish various types of content, on a regular basis, that attracts visitors and converts them into leads. This will begin with a strong blog, along with email campaigns to promote your industry-leading blog. From there, we’ll publish content with relevant topics, headlines, and images that get your prospects attention, and strong design skills that deliver your content in a way that makes your content irresistible to your reader.


Content is king, and delivery of your content is the queen. The goal is to promote your content among multiple platforms. Places like your website, social media, authoritative or industry-leading websites within your specific industry, as well as paid advertising. We will help you measure all of this, and drive results.


The goal is to apply some simple KPI’s (metrics) to measure our efforts, so we’re purposeful with our efforts. KPI’s might include site traffic, content performance, form submissions, leads, and of course sales. Everything we do with your digital marketing will be done with intentionality and a goal in mind.

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