Who We Are

Scott Digital Marketing is a boutique digital marketing firm with over 17 years of experience in helping high-growth technology companies, IT firms, MSP’s, SaaS providers, and E-Commerce organizations grow their businesses using today’s best digital marketing strategies and tactics. We do this through six specific services: Content and Inbound Marketing, SEO/SEM, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising Solutions, and Copywriting Services.

We cut through the gimmicks, avoid the hype, and show you what really works through solid sales and marketing alignment. We’ve done this by creating and managing small marketing budgets and multi-million dollar ones, too. We drive growth, eliminate wasted spend, and make sure your marketing consistently impacts your bottom line. In the end, we’ll drive success through our specialized experience in working with B2B technology businesses.

Scott Digital Marketing is based in Fargo, North Dakota with offices in Minneapolis, and is run by the founder and CEO, Dave Scott.  Before Scott Digital, David worked in corporate America with brands like General Nutrition Centers, California Closets, Circuit City, and Verizon Communications.

Scott Digital Marketing produces a weekly blog, which is full of credible marketing content, designed to help grow your company. Scott Digital Marketing has been featured on E-Commerce Consulting.com and the Good Men Project.

Vision: Guiding your business to growth by leveraging today’s best digital marketing and sales tactics.

Mission: Saving businesses from wasting money on bad marketing by creating and executing sales and marketing strategies that are innovative and effective.