Dave and his team did a great job in crafting a strategic plan for our channel partners to leverage email and website content in order to sell more VoIP services to their customers. Dave and team are great at crafting strategies that we could execute internally, from concept to launch, giving our channel partners the content they need to offer more VoIP solutions, as resellers. It was thoughtful, organic, and clear. I’d highly recommend Dave and Scott Digital to other channel vendors looking for great marketing leadership and help.

Raffi Jamgotchian

Channel Chief, ConnectMeVoice

Dave and his team did a great job project managing our website redesign, as well as crafting our core messaging and marketing. We’d highly recommend him.

Nadia Akhtar

President, PRM Platform

Dave aligned our sales and email marketing efforts with the messaging of our software development platform. We’d highly recommend him to any professional services firm looking for specialized marketing leadership.

Jaime Marcial

Principal, Modularis

Dave is great to work with, a wealth of knowledge, and he lives and breathes digital marketing. We’d highly recommend him to any professional services firm who wants high-quality marketing and sales results.

Jarin Chu

Director of Sales and Marketing Operations, OpFocus

Dave’s leadership and marketing wisdom has helped us align our sales and marketing. His approach has been a strategic and focused one, instead of a typical spray-and-pray approach of so many other marketers. We’d highly recommend Dave and his team to any professional services business.

Scott Spatz

President, Cooperative Systems

We loved Dave’s strategic and pragmatic approach. He always has our ideal buyer in mind when creating marketing campaigns, and is hyper-focused on making our audience the hero, not us. We’d highly recommend Dave to any company for outsourced marketing guidance.

Kal Howg

Marketing Director, City Auto Glass

We’d highly recommend Dave to any MSP or tech firm looking for great marketing leadership. We really appreciate his approach and process.

Jason Etheridge

CEO, Logicspeak

Dave lives and breathes marketing and does it better than anyone else I know. Working with Dave has been the best marketing decision Revenue Rocket has made and we’ve been working with Dave for over 2 years. We’ve seen and worked with a myriad of marketing firms and consultants inside the IT industry, but none are better. Dave was the first specialized marketing professional to pull together (and execute) a thorough go-to-market-strategy focused on our target industry and market. As a result of his work, Dave and his team are our number one referral into our clients who are needing marketing help, and his service level agreement (SLA) is refreshing for us and our clients because it’s easy to understand what we’re buying and what deliverables we receive. Dave led our website initiatives, SEO efforts, email marketing campaigns, marketing collateral, copywriting, PowerPoint templates, and geo-fenced Facebook ads.

Mike Harvath

CEO, Revenue Rocket

Dave and his team helped lead our website redesign, organized our marketing activities, and created a realistic marketing strategy. He also executed an email marketing strategy through email drip campaigns, as well as webinars and other content. We’d recommend Dave and team to any tech firm looking for marketing leadership and guidance.

Andres von Loehneysen

Chief Operating Officer, 10EQS

Dave was awesome work with. He helped us clarify our message, focus on our target market, and did a great job executing our email marketing campaigns inside of HubSpot. His knowledge about digital marketing is amazing and I’d highly recommend him.

Sarah Butterworth

Sr. Account Executive, Enteracloud

Without Dave’s leadership in our marketing, we wouldn’t have been able to grow to where we are, today. I’d highly recommend Dave and his agency to any B2B company.

Ryan Goodman

President, ConnectBooster

We’d highly recommend Dave and his thoughtful and pragmatic approach to digital marketing.

Don Bentz

Sr. Business Consultant, Visionary360